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Continual Ministerial Development

Helping equip you to make disciples of Jesus

Continuing Ministerial Development, core to our understanding of Baptist Ministry and Leadership

No pastoral leader can operate in isolation from the support, friendship and advice of others in ministry. A healthy approach to ministry involves a commitment to both ongoing learning and accountability. This benefits the pastoral leader themselves, their families and their congregation or missional community.

We are encouraging our churches, across Webnet, to build into their terms of settlement an expectation, which supports the continuing development for any ‘Ministerial’ staff. A key element is for pastoral leaders to accesses a mentor, spiritual director or life coach. As a network we are compiling a register of people who may be able to help you. Below are some details of people who you may want to consider.

Baptists Together

Baptist Together are introducing a framework for Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD). Every accredited or recognised Baptist minister is strongly encouraged to engage with the CMD scheme. Those who are formally accredited by Baptist Together are also encouraged to be part of CMD for their own development. To find out more. Baptist Together are continually developing resources which can be accessed on their website.

please look at the Baptist Together website.


One to one mentoring

Together with our Regional Partnership (South West, Southern Counties, South Wales Baptist associations) we have been developing a network of mentors who have received training for mentoring pastoral leaders. You may well, of course, know someone, or know of someone you can approach yourself and ask to become your mentor or please speak to one of the Regional Ministers to discuss an appropriate mentor for you.

Peer to peer mentoring

For some pastoral leaders mentoring will be peer to peer. Walking alongside each other and being accountable to each other.

Spiritual Directors

Please contact a spiritual director if this is something you are interested in:

- Dawn Brown:  Spiritual Director

- Danelle Nightingale:  Spiritual Director

Guy Yeomans:  Spiritual Director

Life Coach

Ros Durrant: Life Coach

Ros had a background in Nursing and Careers Guidance before retraining in Life Coaching. She now works principally as a self-employed Careers Coach but has a specific interest in using coaching in Christian Discipleship. In addition to these areas, Ros has also coached around health and lifestyle, work/life balance, parenting, creativity, small business set up, confidence, relationships, housing, finance, and sustainable living. (Ros is married to Kevin who is currently pastor at Keynsham Baptist Church.) For a free coaching session contact Ros

For further information: Website:

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