Retired Ministers

Many retired ministers are based within the Webnet region, some who were previously in post here, and some who have moved here since retirement.

Retired Ministers we are aware of receive our fortnightly email webnet update, and they are also welcome at the annual Ministers’ Conference at a reduced price.

Within this region, two or three small groups of Retired Ministers meet for fellowship and mutual encouragement. If you’re involved with such a group and open to new members, please let us know.

Grants for Retired Ministers

The Baptist Union works alongside the Psalms and Hymns Trust to offer grants to retired Ministers, Mission Workers, and widows/widowers of the above who find themselves in need. To find out more about this, and download the relevant application forms, click here.

In addition, widows of ministers in the West of England are sent a small annual gift from the Elizabeth Agitt fund. Please contact us if you think you know someone who may qualify for this and doesn’t already receive it.

Contact the webnet office on 0117 965 8828 0r at