December 2022 has been an important and blessed month for the Baptist Union of Albania, but more so for many children who received a gift on Christmas Day. In all the churches of the Baptist Union, there was a distribution of Christmas packages where approximately 1000 children were blessed by a WEBox. But the biggest blessing for them was not only gifts, but even more, the various services that were held over Christmas. 

The beneficiaries of these packages have been children of the church, as well as many other children, such as orphans, poor children of the Roma community, and even students of a class in a school in the capital.  

Although Albania has changed a lot in the last 30 years, there is still a need to help children with a gift, especially in certain areas, and these gifts are a great instrument to share the Good News with them too. 

WEBox distribution was done in different ways by different churches. Many of the churches organised a special gathering at Christmas, giving a gift to the children.  

One church presented the Christmas Shoes movie, a cartoon for children that clearly shows Who the real gift is. At the end, the children were given gifts together with the gospel. In addition to the children of the church, there were also orphans and other children in need.  

Another church made a distribution at a school. WEBox distribution in schools continues to be a huge testimony that the church doesn’t just care for its members but for the wider community, and the distribution at school is an excellent opportunity to tell children (and teachers) about the coming of Christ in this world.  

Other churches gave WEBoxes to children of Roma and Egyptian communities. These continue to be the most vulnerable groups in our society where children still struggle to be properly clothed and fed. Giving them a gift during Christmas is an extraordinary thing.  

So different churches have connected with different groups in our communities to bless them with a WEBox and also to give them a message of God’s love.  

Regardless of a child’s situation, what we have seen is the sparkle in the eyes of every child when they receive their WEBox. Maybe they don’t often have many words to say, but their eyes and the way they react show that they are very happy and grateful for their gift. 

During Christmas week, 60 families received Christmas food parcels. Families that benefited from these were those with 5 or more members, mainly children. Food parcels were also given to divorced women, single women who have been abandoned by their children and other widows, as well as to unemployed families, pensioners and others who live in difficult economic and social conditions. These food parcels have been a wonderful blessing to these families, helping them to spend Christmas and the new year in a better situation.   

Through these food parcels, the churches have shown God’s love for people in need, showing it with deeds and not just with words. 

Thank you for making this possible. 

Baptist Union of Albania, January 2023