While all trustees are responsible for the charity’s finances, the Finance Trustee* takes the lead in helping the trustee board to understand, consider and be able to comment on financial information.
This will include:

  • Taking the lead responsibility for overseeing Webnet’s financial affairs


  • Enabling the Trustees as a whole ensure that the financial affairs of Webnet are managed in accordance with Finance Policies and Procedures agreed by Trustees, and with regulatory requirements


  • Taking responsibility for preparing and presenting budgets, management accounts and other financial reporting


Liaising with Webnet’s accountants/independent examiners in the preparation of the annual financial statements

The Finance Officer, an employee of Webnet is responsible for the day-to-day finance operations, including recording of income and expenditure, making payments, and liaising with WEB Payroll.

The Webnet Finance Team is designed to meet regularly, not frequently, to coordinate the overall financial strategy and support, including all related elements, such as WEBTC (the Trust Company) and WEB Payroll.

The Operations Manager is responsible for authorising office expenditure, the dual authorisation of payments, and liaising with WEB Payroll.

The Regional Team Leader has oversight of the staff team and is responsible to the Trustees as the senior staff member of the charity.

The Overall Role

To monitor the financial administration of the charity and report to the board of trustees at regular intervals on its state of financial health, in line with best practice, and in compliance with the governing document and legal requirements to provide the board with the confidence and knowledge to better make strategic decisions.

The main responsibilities and duties of the Finance Trustee include:

    • Maintaining a supportive relationship with the Finance Officer


    • Presenting to the board of trustees the budgets, internal management accounts and annual financial statements produced with the Finance Officer


    • Leading in the board’s duty to ensure that proper accounting records are kept, and financial resources are properly controlled, invested and economically spent, in line with good governance, legal and regulatory requirements


    • Leading in the development and implementation of financial reserves, cost management and investment policies


    • Liaising with the appropriate members of staff responsible for the financial activities of the organisation

    • Chairing the Finance Team in line with standing orders and terms of reference and reporting back to the board of trustees

    • Monitoring and advising on the financial ability of the charity

    • Overseeing the implementation of and monitoring specific financial controls and adherence to systems

    • Advising on the financial implications of the charity’s strategic plan

Person Specification

    • Experience of Financial Management, with a proven track record in charity finances
    • A clear commitment to the Webnet core convictions, vision and values and willingness to act as the charity’s ambassador to external bodies, charities and companies
    • Competent use of IT skills
    • Proven ability to communicate and explain financial information to members of the trustee Board and other stakeholders
    • Analytical and evaluation skills, demonstrating good judgement
    • Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship
    • Good communication and leadership skills
    • A team-oriented approach to problem-solving and to management

Time commitment

    • The Trustee Board meets at least 4 times a year, usually in person, plus an away day for more strategic planning


    • In addition to preparing for and attending meetings, it is estimated the Finance Trustee would require approximately an average of 20 hours per month to spend on Webnet financial concerns


    • This is a voluntary position, so no salary is provided. Webnet will reimburse travel costs for attendance at any in-person meetings necessary, paying the HMRC standard rate, currently 25p per mile, for car journeys

Application Process

Please write explaining why you are interested in this role and how you meet the person specification, along with details of your relevant experience to our Regional Team Leader Nigel Coles: nigel.coles@webnetwork.org.uk 

If you have any questions or would like an informal chat with Nigel Coles, please email: nigel.coles@webnetwork.org.uk 


*In our Memo and Arts of Association this role is referred to as the Treasurer.