Contact:  Kevin and Ros Durrant on 0117 239 8669  or email

Welcome to our first Webnet Eco Update!  Many of you will have already heard about the establishment of the Baptist Environmental Network (BUEN) in July last year. BUEN is:

“A new network within the Baptist Together family of churches. Connecting people with a passion for the environment and climate change. Inspiring churches and regional associations to grow in valuing creation and join God in environmental mission and taking action to care for creation and people”

Webnet BUEN Reps

Kevin and Ros Durrant are the BUEN representatives for Webnet and are in ministry at Keynsham Baptist Church.  They are available as a contact point for any queries around Arocha’s Eco Church awards programme and have recently run two workshops for churches interested in starting out on the programme.  More are planned for the Autumn term.

Check out BUEN’s Facebook page:

Young Christian Climate Network

Commencing at the G7 summit (June 13th) YCCN are organising a relay of walkers (all age) travelling from Cornwall 750 miles to the  Glasgow Climate Conference in November.  They will be transporting a two-metre boat and there will be a series of residencies along the route which will be coming through the Webnet region during July. 

Kevin and Ros have volunteered to be Route Section Leaders for Route Five which runs from Bristol (17th July) to Salisbury (22nd July) via Bath, Trowbridge, West Lavington, and Shrewton.  This is an ideal opportunity to enjoy walking and fellowship, but also to encourage participation, outreach and support for God’s creation within your local community.

Please see the YCCN website for further details and register for more information or contact Kevin and Ros (see above). You can watch an introductory video here and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

YCCN Relay Boat

Contact:  Kevin and Ros Durrant on 0117 239 8669  or email