In its bid to become an eco-association, Webnet trustees adopted an environment policy in Dec 2022. This includes commitments to reduce its own ecological impact and a target of achieving net-zero carbon by 2030. The policy also places a duty on Webnet to provide encouragement and resources to help its associated churches become more sustainable, and in particular to work towards the Arocha eco-church awards. Download the policy here.

The next stage is to create an action plan for the coming year and to clarify responsibilities within the regional team. It is hoped that this will provide a model for other associations to follow. If anyone is interested in being part of a team to help Webnet move things forward, please contact us. 


Since BUEN started in Sept 2020, it has grown in influence and features in the Belonging to Baptist Together – Our Identity booklet issued in Jan 2023.

For last year’s BU Assembly, BUEN produced a large photographic exhibition called “God saw that it was Good.” Currently on display at Northern Baptist College, this has been shown at 3 churches, one ministers’ gathering and the recent Fresh Streams conference. It is available for individual churches to borrow and use.


JPIT has produced a resource – “Net Zero in my Neighbourhood” – to support churches and individuals get alongside councils and local authorities in the shared struggle to tackle climate change.


They have also arranged some webinars to unpack their ideas on 28th Feb and 2nd March 2023.



The COP15 Biodiversity conference in Montreal, which concluded on 19 December 2022, managed to agree on some global targets for protecting the earth creatures and ecosystems. These include the two well-publicised 30×30 goals: to conserve 30% of the world’s land and oceans by 2030, and for developed countries to raise their financial contribution to help poorer nations play their part in this to $30bn a year by 2030. None of the commitments are legally binding but governments will be required to report on progress and ratchet up their ambitions at future summits, the next one due to take place in Turkey in late 2024.

On the climate front, the new government in Brazil is thankfully taking measures to reverse Bolsonaro’s destructive policies towards the Amazon rainforest. However, the UK’s recent decision to go ahead with a new coal mine in Cumbria, and to overturn the ban on further expansion of Bristol Airport hasn’t done much for our own country’s eco credentials.

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