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Connecting and Thriving in Bussage

WEBA Regional Minister, Alisdair Longwill, is seconded one day each week to focus on engaging in God’s mission in his local community, Bussage, on the outskirts of Stroud.  Along with a small core group he tries to encourage and equip a group of Christian neighbours to show and share God’s grace and truth more effectively […]

Introducing Neighbourhood Chaplains

Back in the summer I stumbled across a ‘Neighbourhood Chaplains’ information morning.  It proved to be a really good investment of a morning – where a helpful model of deep community connection was shared.  ‘Neighbourhood Chaplains’ connect local churches with their communities in new ways, helping them to tackle loneliness through befriending, and offering practical […]

Blessed…to be a blessing

One of our churches currently receiving a Home Mission grant is The Stowe, Wichelstowe in Swindon.   Connecting with and blessing their community has always been at the heart of The Stowe.  A carved pumpkin at their recent Pumpkin Party (‘No Tricks, just Treats’), announced their mission to continue to bring ‘Light in the darkness’, as […]

Finding Rest For The Busy Mind

As our long hot summer turns into to a golden and blustery autumn, the harvest abounds all around us; ripe fruit and oddly shaped vegetables, glorious seed heads and nut trees galore. A reminder of God’s lavish provision for our nourishment and wellbeing. But God’s abundance in the harvest in this season is not for […]

Home Mission Update: St Mark’s Baptist Church

One of the WEBA churches that Home Mission currently supports is St Mark’s Baptist Church which is situated in Easton, an inner city area and one of Bristol’s more deprived parts.  St Mark’s Rd, where the church is situated is a highly ethnic and eclectic community containing a variety of ethnic shops and  restaurants and […]

Encouraging Good Health and Wellbeing in our Communities

Since the WEBA Ministers conference earlier this year, and the subsequent Renew training afternoon at Hanham BC, a number of WEBA churches have been finding out more and exploring how such a shared space might have a valuable impact in their community. ‘Renew spaces are simple café style spaces run by local churches where hobbies […]

Home Mission Update: 6 Months of Faithful Giving

Having recently become involved in some of the Home Mission work here at WEBA, I’m delighted to share with you a little information about how giving is going so far this year. By the end of June, we had received £109,020.28 this is around £10,000 less than at the same point last year, so although […]

Home Mission Update: Ambassadors are go!

Are you looking for visiting speakers for your church? Would you like more focus on mission in your services? Do you remember when your church had a ‘Home Mission Sunday’ every year? WEBA now has a growing team of Home Mission Ambassadors, equipped to visit your church and speak, preach, or even lead a whole […]