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We are looking for new Trustees

At the WEBA AGM on Monday 6th July 2015, our chair of trustees Steve Robinson shared that more trustees are needed to ensure the smooth running and effectiveness of our network.

WEBA is governed by a board of trustees who have the responsibility:

  • To ensure the good management of the Association
  • To ensure all the legal requirements of a charity are done honourably and correctly
  • To hold accountable all the staff of the Association
  • To provide a means of accountability for and to cluster facilitators
  • Could you recommend someone from your church as a WEBA Trustee?

We need to make sure our board of trustees represent a range of skills, and are currently carrying out a skills audit of existing trustees so that we can see where the gaps are. Ideally, the trustee group would include the following:

Chair of Trustees
Senior Regional Minister
Member of the Trust Company
Trustee – linked trustee for missional engagement
Trustee- linked trustee for overseeing ministry developments
Trustee – linked trustee for Human Resources (staffing)
Trustee – with management experience
Trustee – with financial experience

The aspiration is also that the board of trustees will include men and women, ordained and lay persons, individuals who are Black & Minority Ethnic, and those who are from the under 40 age group.

If you would like to recommend someone from your own church, please fill in the form below. All suggestions will be considered in line with the skills and diversity guidelines above.

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    Posted by Ruth Whiter