Southmead hospital is looking to recruit small teams of volunteers to help with their Sunday ministry. The teams contact wards to check on patients wishing to come to a Sunday service. They then collect patients from the wards using wheelchairs and conduct a short service of worship, prayer, and reflection, and after that take them back to their ward. This is normally one Sunday every 2 months.

The hospital will provide training and induction for your team and there will be a chaplain on duty to support you. However it must be acknowledged taht sometimes the chaplain is called away to an emergency and then the team needs to function independently.

At the same time as making this request for volunteers, the hospital chaplaincy team would like to draw your attention to the fact that churches can give them a call when a member is in the hospital, so that chaplaincy support can be provided.

To talk further about this, please contact Rev Brenda Dowie, Phone the chaplaincy on 0117 4143700.