We’ve received this message from Swindon Christian Community Projects:

My name is Paul Dixon (Chair of Trustees for Swindon Christian Community Projects (SCCP)).  SCCP was started about 12 years ago with the introduction of a Foodbank in association with Trussell Trust.  We added a Restore project about 5 years ago, and believe there will be more projects added in future.   I can supply our Vision and Aims Document and also a prophetic word given before the charity was set up if  required.  Our controlling documents require Trustees to serve a maximum term of 6 years.  We are looking to get Trustees from the widest possible range of Churches in the Swindon area both to encourage different Christian denominations and streams to work together and to provide wide Christian accountability.  

 We currently have vacancies for up to three Trustees, and will continue to need to refresh our Trustee’s as the limited term will continue.  Ideally we’d like to add Trustees with either Finance, HR or/and Operations skills, although clearly those with other skills and backgrounds who are interested would be considered.  I’d also like to increase the proportion of women on the Board of Trustees.  It occurs to me that anyone currently training in any of the areas above would be welcome…… we don’t have any Trustees in their twenties.  We have a recently approved Trustee job description which includes the prophetic word and a Christian ethos statement.  I can supply this if required.

 We are also developing our management structure and are currently looking to fill voluntary roles of Finance Director and Operations Director to improve our day to day management of the Charity.  In previous years Trustees have been heavily involved in day to day management which has meant Trustee activities have had insufficient focus.  This is no longer the case, although there is no objection to Trustees volunteering to support the projects in addition to their Trustee roles.

 Finally our Restore Project will soon be opening a new shop in the Old Town area and want to ensure we have a strong Christian Backbone in the volunteers we use in the shop. 

Thank you for your support,