In a recent social media post from Baptists Together, we were helpfully reminded of the importance of ensuring that we’re not in breach of licensing agreements when it comes to using images.

If you didn’t see it you can read it here, as well as find helpful websites for free good quality images:

“At the Specialist Teams we’re getting contacted by increasing numbers of churches being chased by firms for image copyright infringement. These companies are genuine and pursue infringements on behalf of the owners.

A good article to read is this one to understand further.

We have already seen BUGB churches paying a significant amount of money because if there has been an infringement there is very little room to negotiate and a legal defence would be expensive and difficult to pursue.

We are working on a strategy to educate churches through the autumn. In the meantime please check your digital platforms for any images you have not paid for or using in a way that breaks a licensing agreement.

There are many good websites which provide images under a Creative Commons licence or for a small fee. Here are some good examples, but do check the wording of each licence and stick to it”: