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Thy Kingdom Come

We hope that during our 50 days of good news, many churches will also take part in Thy Kingdom Come, which is being promoted by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Between 25th May and 4th June, communities and churches around the world are gathering together to pray that their friends, families and neighbours come to know Jesus Christ.

Prayer events of all shapes and sizes will take place across the 10 days, including 24-7 prayer rooms, prayer days, prayer walks and half nights of prayer. Cathedrals, churches and other venues will host Beacon Events, gathering people across towns and cities to worship and to pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit for effective witness.

Monday 20th March saw the launch of the new set of faith sharing videos for churches which are now available for download and use on our Vimeo site and website. The videos are designed to help churches prepare and consider what may come out of Thy Kingdom Come as people pray for evangelism. It features the Archbishop of Canterbury in conversation with four colleagues about why Christians share their faith, what some of the barriers are, and how to 0build confidence in evangelism. You can find the first video in the series here.



Posted by Ruth Whiter