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The Selfish Giant

Riding Lights Theatre Company have put together an online production for Christmas this year. Which is for all primary age children with vivid storytelling, music, puppetry and humour throughout. It is a brilliant story of things changing for the better. Love and generosity, which embodies the true spirit of the Christmas season.

It is presented in three 15 minute episodes, which can be used for a watch-along party with children’s groups, holiday clubs, primary schools or youth organisations tied to churches safely at home. As we look to an unusual Christmas after an extremely lonely and disorientating year for children, this film is a fantastic treat to give to the primary aged children and their families in the lead-up to Christmas. 

To find out more about this online production, check out the Riding Lights website: https://ridinglights.org/the-selfish-giant/

Posted by Jess Collard