It’s Adoption Week this week (12-18 October) and it’s a real delight to share with you here the story of how Cheddar Baptist Church’s Molly Ashton came to write a book for children and families going through the adoption process:

What books spring to mind when you think about adoption? “Anne of Green Gables” for me. When indeed did you last read a story to your children where the main character was adopted? I’m guessing some while ago, if ever, because there are very few books which delve into adoption,

While Anne is one of my favourite book people, and I think we can learn much from her (any kindred spirits feel the same?), she is from a bygone age. Adoption, and the journey of adopted children and their families, is very different now.

When we were in the process of adopting our first daughter, there were no books I could read to our young sons to help prepare them for an adopted sibling. Our social worker suggested I write one; that was about ten years ago. As our understanding of adoption deepened and we subsequently adopted our second daughter, so my heart to share a story of adoption grew, and Archie and Posy emerged into being.

My vision for this book is not only to be a resource and encouragement for adoptive/foster families and their children, but also to be a window through which all families can gain a glimpse of the issues surrounding adoption. We can’t journey through all walks of life ourselves, but by reading we can gain an understanding and empathy towards those whose pathways are different from our own.

This is a book which looks towards the healing nature of family. Not a perfect family, but one where there is intentional investment in relationships and commitment to keep plodding on, in the midst of everyday muddles and mess. It is a book of hope and redemption; acknowledging the pain and trauma which goes alongside adoption…the birth mother’s loss, the adoptive families’ unfulfilled longing for a child, the child’s need for a forever home. And getting a glimpse the healing and wholeness which can come to all through adoption.

I trust and pray that this simple tale will offer an increased understanding of adoption and a vision for families to be the sound building blocks of our future. Molly Ashton

The Kite’s Tale follows the story of Archie, who longs for a brother or sister, and Posy, who needs a forever home. It is a simple tale of adoption with a thread of hope running throughout and is now available through all major book retailers and on Amazon.

If you’d like to invite Molly to do a Zoom talk for your church or group please contact her by email.

You’re also welcome to follow Molly’s blog Mothering Through The Seasons, a lovely place for parents to find encouragement.