Regular visitors to this site will be aware of our Missional Community at Portishead, led by Dan and Beth Doherty, and also Pill Baptist Church, which has been going through a process of ‘Re-envisioning’ and where we are supporting Jon Thurlow through both Home Mission and The New Churches Initiative.

Portishead marina

It’s been great to hear that these two small Christian communities have got together to create a monthly gathering at Costa on the Marina in Portishead.

Dan explains: “This new monthly group is all about developing Christian community, deepening our faith and inspiring mission. Of course these things can be done in lots of ways, as can be seen in the many varieties of church in our society. For us, however, church is not about buildings, tradition, or even religion. It’s about people. People who are imperfect, and yet keen to know God more, and to do so with the help of others. It doesn’t matter whether there is an organ or a guitar, a pew or a sofa, a spire or a sea-view … what matters is people supporting one another in their journey of faith, and finding their place in the mission of God.”

Dan at The Gathering

The next Gathering will be on Sunday 9th April at 7:30pm. Dan, Beth, and Jon are happy for other local Christians to join them as they reach out to the community together over coffee and cake.