The Garden, Portishead

An example from my own community by Lindsay Caplen

When I arrived at the manse, I asked God ‘why Portishead?’ Through prayer, wandering about, and chatting with locals, various things started to come together.

One of the things that has emerged is ‘The Garden.’ This is a plot of land adjacent and belonging to the local surgery. Webnet are working closely with surgery, other churches, the community prescribing team and other organisations to shape it into a Wellbeing-garden. We will also work with the community so that they are actively involved in the shaping of the garden as it develops. 

The intention is for it to be a safe space for the local community to enjoy and where a person’s whole being – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional can be supported. We have sourced a shipping container that will become the hub for a Renew-Wellbeing café and a ‘Garden Church.’ In July 2021, we started weekly prayer gatherings on-site.  

Foundations for the Renew-Wellbeing/Garden Church space will be laid in summer 2021, and we aim to refurbish the container, train up volunteers and open it to the wider public in 2022.

Raised beds built by locals. Growing tomatoes, peppers, sweet peas, beans and carrots. Plus a newly built home composter too!

Find out more about how The Garden is impacting a growing community of people in Portishead at this time in Lindsay Smith’s short reflection Sweet Potato Feet.