“We would recommend doing it, as it can be a part of the church’s giving and good stewardship. Taking this action is an expression of what it means to be disciples and to care for the world God has created.”

Philip Bowdler, Church leader at Amott Road Baptist Church, London


The Big Church Switch calls on churches, and individual Christians, of all denominations to switch their energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable energy, as part of their commitment to care for our neighbours and for the earth, our common home. By acting together, we show that we expect our government to act to tackle climate change and back renewable energy.

As Christians, we are called to put our faith into action by loving our neighbours and caring for the earth, our common home.

By using clean, renewable energy we can help restore the earth and bring balance to God’s creation. Clean energy sources offer a reliable and secure energy supply and secure long-term jobs, fuelling prosperity for our neighbours near and far.
Following the historic UN climate deal in Paris in December, the shift towards renewable energy has well and truly begun. Now we need to keep up the pressure on politicians and companies to go further.  One way we can do this is to take small positive steps in our homes, churches and communities to create energy for change. When we do, we join in with God’s work of renewing creation, and stand alongside the world’s poorest people who are most affected by climate change.
Let’s start the shift towards renewables in our homes and churches. It needn’t cost the earth – and if we act together, it could be cheaper than your current tariff. Join the Big Church Switch to 100% renewable electricity today.


The Bible tells us that ‘love does no harm to its neighbour’, Romans 13:10 – yet the way our energy is sourced is harming our neighbours in poor countries and all creation. Extracting and burning fossil fuels for energy is  becoming more expensive and difficult, and relying on this makes us all vulnerable and insecure.
But we can change this. We all spend money on energy, you, me, your neighbour, your church, all of us.  So let’s invest our money in restoring creation by changing our energy supplier from one that damages to one that brings lasting light to all God’s people, and help our sisters and brothers around the world flourish.
Churches of all denominations, shapes, sizes and locations are joining together to make a Big Church Switch to 100% renewable electricity in 2016. Our own actions multiplied again and again will send a strong signal to governments and businesses that churches are prepared to lead the way. Switching to renewables is crucial if we are to live and enjoy God’s world together.


We’re powerful when we act together. Christian Aid, Tearfund, CAFOD and others are working together to inspire as many individuals and churches as we can to switch. Collectively as the church we have huge buying power and can secure some market-beating renewable tariffs. Whether you want to switch your home or inspire your church to switch, we will guide you through the process so that you and your church can switch in a simple and affordable way.

Inviting your church to join in

We know every church works differently, but if you can speak to the right people you can make this happen. It might be your church leadership team, the church treasurer or someone influential in your church’s committee. The key thing is to ensure this concern is raised at the next meeting and get things started. Even if you can’t switch yet, you can still join the Big Church Switch by pledging your support and intention to switch.

Find out more at www.bigchurchswitch.org.uk