As part of our theme ‘Are we talking Jesus?’ this year, we’re sharing stories of how talking to people about Jesus can change lives.

Our first story is from Naomi who is the Youth and Children’s Pastor at Cirencester Baptist Church.

Naomi and Evie…

Evie came along with her friends to our church run youth group, Fusion. Her grandpa, who she had been very close to had passed away and she was also experiencing some friendship difficulties.  At that time we had a prayer box. Evie wrote a prayer and as she put it in she said “if God answers me I’ll come to church”. Very timidly I said “why don’t you come anyway?” and she replied “all right then”.

From that week on Evie started to come to Cirencester Baptist Church. She came alone but soon realised she knew lots of people here. She went to the youth weekend away and started to come to house group, exploring more about God.

In 2017 Evie was having friendship difficulties and felt so alone.  She went to the doctors for advice, and they said to monitor her moods.  I met with her and during the conversation we found that Evie felt peaceful whenever she was in the church.

Naomi and Evie

I suggested that she might like to feel that peace all the time and asked if she’d given her life to Jesus.  I gave her a booklet to read (desperate to not be pressurising!).  And when I came back she said “yes I want to give my life to Jesus”.  We prayed the prayer and she had peace of mind.

Since then Evie’s become involved in helping with the 3-5 year olds on a Sunday.  This year we asked if she’d like to get baptised – she prayed about it and felt God saying “Yes, you should do this”.

Evie sharing her testimony

Evie was baptised on the 12th May 2019, sharing that having been brought up in a non-religious family, she knows that God has chosen her to tell people about Him.

Thank you Naomi and Evie for sharing your wonderful story!

If you’ve been blessed by this testimony, why not spend a moment praying for Evie, for Naomi, and for yourself as God leads you to share your faith with others.

Do you have a story to tell about how talking about Jesus made a big difference? We’d love to hear from you – please get in touch with Alex at the WEBA office.