The morning was rainy, the afternoon was dull, but the evening was full of encouragement! We were delighted when the sun came out for our AGM and summer gathering on Monday 20th June, but there were lots of other encouragements too:

crowd in church garden

  1. About 90 of you travelled to Hanham to be with us, from as far away as the Forest of Dean, Melksham, and Swindon. Thank you all.bbq-geoff
  2. A small team from Hanham Baptist Church, including WEBA’s former Administrator and now Trust Company Secretary Geoff Starling, worked hard to cook burgers and sausages, with plenty of onions, until everyone had been fed. And all this just after the church had put on a fun day and flower festival for the local community. Thank you Geoff, John, and others behind the scenes!Philip Poole
  3. Philip Poole, our new Finance Trustee, did a great job of explaining WEBA’s finances. Nigel Coles with Tony Minter
  4. It was really encouraging to hear from three churches who are ‘re-imagining’ in different ways. Tony Minter described very vividly the way that being part of the Re-imagine learning community had allowed his church to nurture lots of different ‘flames’ of mission rather than going through a cycle of blazing enthusiasm followed by a disappointing quenching.Alison Griffiths, Ian McManus, Helen Paynter
  5. We welcomed and prayed for three new Fully Accredited Ministers – Alison Griffiths, Ian McManus, and Helen Paynter. Dan Doherty has also completed his NAMs period but wasn’t able to be with us. We were also blessed to have Ian leading worship during the evening.

We would encourage you to report back to your church and let them know what WEBA has been up to, and you may find it useful to download the 2015 Annual Report and Accounts, and also this short video which was shown at the AGM. Click on ‘vimeo’ to go to their page where the video can be downloaded in MP4 format.


AGM 2016 from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.