The new Minister of Radstock Baptist Church has an interesting and unusual background – apart from being an Australian.

Guy Yeomans was a late starter as a minister, having had careers as a teacher, Member of Parliament, Public Affairs Consultant, and CEO of Sydney Anglican Schools, an ecumenical straddling which also takes in the Catholic Church.

“After a ‘dark night of the soul’ experience in 1991 and subsequent mystical experience of Jesus and the Cross, which renewed and transformed my faith and life, I searched to understand and develop this experience. A year later, while undertaking part-time study at the Baptist Theological College in Sydney (not at that stage for training as a pastor) I shared my story with a fellow mature age part-time student. It happened that he had also had a recent ‘dark night’ experience and encouraged me to try a retreat in the Ignatian tradition at the Jesuit Retreat Centre in Sydney where he had found great insight, grace and healing.

“Although outside my comfort zone, I took the plunge and went on a 3 day silent retreat. It was life changing. By 1999 I was convinced God was calling me to provide such a ministry, especially among Protestants. I resigned as CEO, undertook the 30 day silent retreat based on the ‘Spiritual Exercises’ of St Ignatius and then in 2000 lived and trained as a Spiritual Director at a Jesuit community in America. I pursued that vocation subsequently at the Centre for Ignatian Spirituality in Sydney while completing a Master’s degree in Christian Spirituality and later qualified as a supervisor of Spiritual Directors, while concurrently part-time pastor of my Sydney church, from 2005-2016.

“My recurring experience as a spiritual director, especially of silent retreats, has been to see God’s amazing grace bringing people increasing freedom and transforming their lives. Now in the UK I want to offer this gift to others free of charge (except for expenses), through seminars on spirituality and meditation in the Christian tradition for churches and other groups, individual spiritual direction in daily life and on silent retreats, as well as supervision of spiritual directors. If interested, please contact me –

e:; t: 01761416838; m: 07435394618.”

Guy is married to Sandra, (a theological graduate and early childhood educator) and they have 10 year old twins, John and Carys.