A family adventure before Christmas
by Bridget Foreman

sheep on hillside with stars

Riding Lights Theatre Company presents an engaging new play for a family audience about… family. A delightful story about what growing old might mean, about being surprised, remembering love and discovering hope.

Leah keeps losing things.

First it was her knitting, and now her father keeps wandering off. She frequently loses her temper and some days she thinks she’s losing her mind.

Or is it her father Simeon who’s doing that? Staring out of the window, muttering about angels, waiting with unshakeable conviction for ‘God knows what’. It’s all a game to Leah’s daughter, which only makes things worse.

Something has to change.

As the nights draw in, Leah watches her father wind down and her daughter race ahead. She seems to be waiting too – but for what? And when the whole family is drawn to a starlit hillside, what more is to be lost and found?

Get ready for Christmas – make time for Simeon’s Watch.

Simeon’s Watch will be touring the UK from 10th October to 17th December 2016.

Bridget Foreman, the show’s writer, said:

“Change can bring real challenges to families, particularly the changes that threaten to alter our relationships with the people we love most. Simeon’s Watch focuses on three generations of one family and the impact on all of them as they face the demands of growing old.

As we’ve worked on the creation of the play we’ve spent time with families and groups who are facinbethg some of these challenges, and we’ve developed some imaginative approaches we can use in our own families and church families to transform relationships. The play reflects some of these insights.”

The show is now available to book for your church and local community. Simeon’s Watch will appeal to a wide age-range but still remain captivating for older children (10 yrs and above).

For more information contact Beth on 01904 613000 or email beth@rltc.org.