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Senior/Assistant Church Stewards

Broadmead Baptist Church is a dynamic church located in the very centre of Bristol. The church building is located within the city centre and as well as being the home to a range of church activities is the meeting place for several local organisations. This means that the church building is in use most days of the week and requires an active effort in managing the building and supporting its many users in the practical aspects of using the facilities. Our vision is to develop the building and create an environment which can be both a home for the church and a centre for the community.

We are looking for a new Senior Church Steward to lead the work and take on the overall responsibility for all practical aspects of the church management. The role will be supported by an Assistant Church Steward and the wider volunteering stewarding team.  Both Stewards would be expected to carry out their duties with a clear commitment to Christ and to His Church and will ideally become active members of Broadmead Baptist Church.

These posts are open to individuals with relevant experience or may suit an experienced couple. A two/three bedroom apartment is available on site and may be an option for the right candidate(s).

Applicants should have relevant skills, experience and/or qualifications in the management of buildings including basic maintenance, security, health and safety and first aid.  You will enjoy meeting people, will have good organisational and administrative skills and experience at managing events and meetings.

With the decline of the retail sector, the area around the church has been re-designated for housing, which means that, over the next decade, a whole community will be developed in the immediate vicinity of Broadmead. 

The strategic influence of the church’s location and our commitment to offer a warm and gracious welcome to all as well as an abiding commitment to Biblical consecutive preaching and joyful praise means that the church is a great place for people to make their spiritual home.

Please apply in writing enclosing your CV, to include the names of two referees and a personal statement explaining why you consider yourself suited to the position for which you are applying.

Couples may jointly apply for both roles but please submit separate CVs.

Please email your application and supporting documents to: broadmeadbaptist@gmail.com

The deadline for applications is Monday 20th July 2020. Interviews to be held during week commencing 27th July 2020.

Further information about the church can be found at: https://broadmeadbaptist.org.uk/

Posted by Jess Collard