Forward planning is a wonderful thing. But sometimes, we need to spot an opportunity and dive straight in, as Clevedon Baptist Church have done…twice this week already!

Like many churches around the country, CBC realised last week that their building is a Pokestop for the new mobile game Pokemon Go. In other words, you need to be there to catch a particular virtual monster.

The church arranged to open for just one hour after school on Monday, offering free wifi and ice lollies to children playing the game. During that hour, 29 children turned up, 24 of whom had no previous contact with the church.

Pokemon tweet advertising the church opening

Looking ahead, however, to the predicted ‘heatwave’ the very next day, the church bought 72 bottles of water to give away. Posters announced that this was a free gift from Clevedon Baptist Church, but also quoted John 4:14:

‘Jesus said: “But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life”‘.

While a tiny percentage have turned away from this offer with an air of suspicion, many more have been grateful for a free drink.

As churches, we all have different levels of resources, and the times when volunteers can be available will vary. But it’s always worth looking out for a wave that God has equipped us to ride.

poster: Please help yourself to this free water, a gift from Clevedon Baptist Church