All videos displayed on this page can be used to promote Home Mission and our network within your church fellowship and community. If you are unable to stream the video online, click the word ‘vimeo’ to view on the vimeo website, where a ‘download’ button is available. If you are still having difficulties, please contact the WEBA office and we will send you a free DVD.

WEBA AGM 2016 Presentation

AGM 2016 from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

40 days of Good News – click on the image below to view or download all 5 animated challenges

40 days of good news

Minchinhampton’s Missional Communities – produced by Minchinhampton Baptist Church in partnership with WEBA

Minchinhampton’s Missional Communities from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

Partners in the gospel: What difference are we making?

Download a wmv file here:

What difference are we making wmv

Partners in the gospel: The Sanctuary

Partners in the gospel: Roselands

Partners in the gospel: Nick’s Story

Partners in the gospel: Frontline at Thornhill

Partners in the gospel: Prophetic Harvesting

Partners in the gospel: Partners Trailer