We’re really looking forward to WEBA Wellbeing Week!
Have a look and see how you can explore more about Renew Wellbeing in WEBA: a pop up cafe evening, a day of retreat for you and your friends, an opportunity to talk with Ruth Rice, as well as day just for the ladies:
Keep hearing the name, but can’t recall what it’s all about?
Working with Renew Wellbeing since Feb 2018 we are committed to seeing good habits of wellbeing flourish in the churches of this Association so that we can authentically share these habits in our towns and see an end to isolation and better mental health for all in our communities.
As well as bringing a Retreat Day and the Renew Ladies Day to WEBA this Spring, Renew Wellbeing helps, trains and supports churches to set up “ Quiet shared spaces where it’s ok not to be Ok”.
Based on the 3 simple principles of being present, being prayerful and being in partnership Renew Wellbeing helps any and every church to make a space where prayer is the priority, the welcome is for all and the partnership with mental health services is key.
Tried and tested in over 20 locations nationally this is a simple response to the increasing issues with mental and emotional health in our churches and communities.
Ruth Rice and the team are offering their time and help to any church in WEBA wanting to get involved in this important area. They offer training and support for the long term to see sustainable places of wellbeing grow and multiply across the region.
Come along to the pop up cafe on April 29th or arrange to meet with Ruth Rice during WEBA Wellbeing Week: www.renewwellbeing.org.uk / ruth@renewwellbeing.org.uk