Following the Earthquake in Albania on November 26th, we’ve maintained close contact with some of our brothers and sisters in Albania through Baptist Minister Maki Mico from Cairns Road Baptist Church, Bristol.

Maki has been in Albania since yesterday and has the following prayer requests for us.

Please pray for:

Hope in the midst of despair – People’s morale is low and many are struggling because of sleeplessness out of fear of more aftershocks, but also because of uncertainty about the future 

Wisdom as churches deal with the day to day challenges of supporting the people who have lost everything or are waiting for their homes to be inspected and be given the verdict

Clear and kingdom focussed vision for the communities of faith in the coming weeks and months 

God’s peace in the midst of chaos and unsettledness

Please use these prayer pointers to pray as individuals, in home-groups and in Church services over the coming weeks. Thank you.

We’ll be updating this page as and when needs change.

For more information about the situation and details of how to support our partner churches in Albania, please follow this link.