In December 2021 churches and individuals in Webnet raised more than £8000 for the WEBox Appeal. We shared this with the churches in the Albanian Baptist Union to bless the children and young people in their reach with goodie bags of compassion in lieu of WEBoxes in these pandemic times. Pastor Endri shares his experience:

“Hello, my name is Endri Tabaku and I am the pastor of the Drita e Botes church in Shkoza, Tirana. The Christmas season is always a great joy in our small family and in the Christian community. Last year, as every year, we were preparing and thinking about how we would organise for the WEBox bags. Talking with the young people of the church, we saw their desire for something different from the usual Christmas package and so we decided to take them to a clothing store, in one of the shopping centres in Tirana to choose some clothes instead. It was a blessed time and they enjoyed it a lot. They are very committed to the church and opportunities to bless them like this helps further our mission in the church and community.”

Wonderful to read how a church blessed the young people in such a fun and meaningful way with your generous gifts. Let’s pray that each time they wear their chosen clothes they might be reminded of God’s love for them, and according to his timing, choose to wear the armour of righteousness too.