A message from Nigel Coles

The West of England Baptist Network joins with the whole nation, as we grieve the loss of our faithful and beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

We have prayed throughout our lives: God save the Queen, we now entrust Her Majesty to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and commit ourselves afresh to his service and to God’s eternal kingdom.

We pray especially for her family, our royal family, who have lost more than a queen in a dearly loved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

We call all to join in prayer together for our nation.

In this season of deep reflection, we pray for an increased awareness of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We pray for our new king Charles III and Prime Minister Liz Truss, for all who share with them the responsibilities of leadership of our nation.

May this become a season in history in which we are re-rooted in thanksgiving and re-focused on hope in our God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Baptists Together

You’ll find some helpful resources, including free images on the Baptists Together Website.

Please click here for a message from General Secretary of the Baptist Union Lyn Green, including a prayer you might like to use in your gatherings over the coming days.

Hope Together

It’s been a privilege in recent years to be a part of Hope Together. One of the very best resources we’ve been a part of producing is Our Faithful Queen the book that shares the witness of the Queen’s 70 years of faithful service. Her Majesty wrote the foreword herself, but I had not realised until the last few days this was the only foreword she ever to write. May we all draw inspiration from her example:

‘The whole life is a journey … I have not chosen this office for myself: he has appointed me to it … and because he leads, I may follow in complete trust.”

Our Faithful Queen is a tremendous means of offering the Queen’s faith to someone else. Whilst one copy is £5 a church can buy 50 or more copies for only £1 a copy. See details: