We have some holiday club material that we are currently developing and would love to share it with you to use with the children in your communities and churches.

The Theme is Under the Sea, and each day we will be exploring a different teaching that Jesus gave from the Sea of Galilee.

It includes dramas, Bible teachings, memory verse, science experiments, crafts and games!

The full episodes will be approximately 45 minutes long as a completed package including the pirates trying to take over. There will be 5 of these, or you can use any or all of the 6 elements individually and do your own links to add in familiar faces from your church.

We will have a list of supplies that you could send to your children to make it more interactive.

The material will be available from 17 August to air on or after 24 August, do get in touch with Jenni Ring if you would like to make use of the material.

Together we can share the good news and build Gods Kingdom in a fun interactive way online this summer!