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“There should be no doubt that there is an openness in this city to Jesus”

This report from the Bristol Turning arrived with us in time for Easter Sunday – halfway through the Bristol street mission:

It has been an incredible first week of the launch of the Turning.

The Good News is that by Saturday 321 people had received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and over 170 people from the city have been trained as evangelists.

The stories shared by the evangelists have been phenomenal.  Some of the people who prayed the prayer of commitment  told us that they had a dream the night before about meeting Jesus, or the need in their lives to just have faith. One lady who accepted Jesus had prayed immediately before she was approached by a Turning team that “God would send her help”. This young lady had found herself stuck in the city – she was amazed at how fast God had answered her prayer and received Christ with joy.  Another story was shared of 2 men who were visiting from Canada and were to leave the city the following day. These lads said the prayer of commitment. The place they were from in Canada was the same place where the members of the Turning team had connections and in fact the 2 men knew the family.

 The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation and its good news for all. This week we have seen children, many millennials and baby boomers respond to the Gospel .  Individuals, couples, groups of friends and families have all said Yes to Jesus.  In addition there have been many great conversations about faith and people prayed for.

There should be no doubt that there is an openness in this city to Jesus.  

The kindness of God has been exceptional.

Many children have attended the Turning meetings, during the daytime and evenings and been actively engaged in leading people to Jesus.


From the today the Bristol Turning will launch in different venues in the North, South and East of the City. Please see the leaflet attached for details of the times and location of worship and training.


There have been many people, churches and organisations that have made the Turning possible.  We are really grateful to Pastor Yinka and his Team who took time out of their lives to train and lead teams here in Bristol last week. We also want to Thank the folk who hosted the Reading Team, cooked for them, served as stewards and car park attendants , locked up and opened the building and all the other ways people have served such as made coffee, helped with putting the packs together.

Thanks you to Rev Tim Silk and all at Pip n Jay who sacrificially gave the Turning use of their building.


We are pleased to announce that Anne Davies from Hillfields Baptist Church will be taking up the leadership of the Bristol Turning from the 24th of April. A new team will be meeting this Wednesday. The Bristol Turning will remain accountable to Bristol Churches Together, the West of England Baptist Association and the Bristol Evangelical Alliance.





We are pleased to announce that a gift of £2000 will be made to the Reading Team from offering collected during the 1st week of the Turning. Thank you the individuals and churches who have supported the running costs of the Turning. If you would like to support the Bristol Turning by making a direct payment fund will

be held by Bristol Evangelical Alliance.

 Sort Code: 301611 Account Number: 01088271

If you would like to also contribute to the work of the Turning nationally, funds will be held by

Barnabas Evangelistic Mission Account

Sort Code: 200500 Account Number: 93613348


Please note the Turning will run in North Bristol at St Michaels Gloucester Rd during the

following times

Tuesday 18th Worship night on Gloucester Road

Wednesday 19th Training (Gloucester Road) and street evangelism )

Worship night on Gloucester Road

Thursday 20th Training (Gloucester Road) and street evangelism

Friday 21st Training (Gloucester Road) and street evangelism

Yours In Christ,


Rev Eric Aidoo, Chair of Churches Together Greater Bristol

Sheena Tranter, Arise Bristol

Rev Gary Woodall, Regional Minster – WEBA

Rev Jackie Davis, Chair of Bristol Evangelical

Posted by Ruth Whiter