Jenny Foster

Introducing Jenny Foster, The new Regional Manager at The Leprosy Mission for the South and South West region.

Jenny attends Horfield Baptist church in Bristol and is enjoying her new role. Previously Fairtrade Co-ordinator for the South West, Jenny said “I’ve been inspired but saddened to learn about leprosy since starting the job, but the themes of social justice and inequality resonate with me. It’s an honour to continue the work of Christ who ministered to people with leprosy.

Leprosy victim in Mumbai

Leprosy is still with very much us, affecting the very poorest people with least access to healthcare. We are seeing an increasing demand on our services in recent years, particularly from people with life-limiting disabilities as a result of untreated leprosy, as the stigma prevents many seeking help. Our work offering healing, rehabilitation, counselling and advocacy is vital and I would value the chance to talk about our work in services, meetings, or any other opportunity. We have an exciting new project (CREATE) coming on line focussing on challenging the legal and social stigma and injustice faced by people with leprosy in India, which might be of particular interest.”

Jenny is really happy to speak in any church and to lead services (which may be a boon to any with a pastoral vacancy!). You can contact her on (add details below)

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