As local churches and regional team, we want to see growth in terms of lives transformed by Jesus. Our aim is to work in partnership with churches towards the kind of developments which result in growth, and as we work alongside individual churches and communities in a wide range of different circumstances, we are constantly developing tools that will help the process.


An introduction to Re:imagine from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

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Re-imagine is  a missional learning community especially for leadership teams across our network of churches.

It takes the form of a residential weekend and then 3 day long hub gatherings, each 6 months apart. We hope that it will help teams to build momentum in the transition towards mission being the heart of all they are and no longer simply something they do.

Re-Imagine is very much a community where people learn most from one another. There is something very special about the dynamic exchange of thinking and practice, which takes place when teams grow in both confidence and vulnerability. No one is better than anyone else, but everyone begins to celebrate whatever God is doing through each other.”

Nigel Coles

Click here for our 2020 brochure:

Dates for 2020:

Launch Weekend: Pastoral Leaders’ morning 13th March 2020. (Residential) Hub 1: 14th and 15th March 2020

This will be followed by three further ‘hub’ days over an 18 month period:

Hub 2: Pastoral Leaders’ morning 2nd October 2020, All Teams Day 3rd October 2020

Hub 3: Pastoral Leaders’ morning 12th March 2021, All Teams Day 13th March 2021

Hub 4: Pastoral Leaders’ morning 17th September 2021, All Teams Day 18th September 2021

Prices for webnet churches (including Home Mission subsidy):

£145 per person

(Key Leader sessions are free)

To find out more, contact or speak to one of the Regional Ministers.