Mission needs to be the ‘organising priority’ if we are to truly engage with our communities and the people within them.

If we organize around anything else, ‘doing mission’ quickly becomes the last thing on the agenda. If, however, we ‘think missionally’, our worship, ministry, fellowship, and discipleship become more meaningful, relevant for today, and fulfilling.

We recognize that many churches are a long way from this in practice, and therefore much of our time as a regional team is now invested in helping churches in this area.

We believe most Christians are hungry to make a difference in the name of Jesus Christ, but are frustrated about the impact churches are making beyond the church.

For this site, we have divided the ways we interact with churches within the context of mission into three areas:

Discipleship – encouraging every follower of Jesus to become a missionary disciple.

Partnership in Mission – partnering with you to change the agenda.

Resourcing Mission – sharing our resources to enable strategic mission initiatives.