Minchinhampton Baptist Church is a thriving Christian community based in a delightful Cotswold town.

Over the last few years, they have felt a challenge to change the way they see church, and to establish small communities in the places where they live rather than continually drawing new members to a central gathering point.

Here at WEBA, we’ve become used to using the term ‘missional community’ to refer to a group that hasn’t yet become an ‘official’ church. But the term applies equally to any established church, or group within a church, that sets its heart on joining in with God’s mission in a particular neighbourhood or network.

To help explain this transformation to its members, MBC have produced this short animation, in partnership with the WEBA team.

Liam Eaglestone, minister of MBC explains:

‘We’ve been talking about Missional Communities at MBC for some years – but many of us did not understand what they were, or how they fitted with our experience of church. The idea for the animation was to help show what missional communities might look like and how they fit into the bigger picture of the mission of church.’


Please feel free to show and share this wherever useful!


Minchinhampton’s Missional Communities from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.