The Cairn Festival which took place at the end of July included willow weaving, a rhythm workshop, bushcraft activities, camping and baptisms!

It was such an encouraging weekend for the Cairn community in Knowle West, Bristol. More than 60 people joined the Festival, including many friends and family members of those who were baptised.

In the weeks leading up to the Festival Phil and Alice Lawrence met with those exploring baptism to look together at baptism from a Biblical perspective, and on the day four people chose to be baptised.

Two were long-standing Christians, who felt challenged to make a public declaration of their faith in this way and the other two were new Christians who were also excited to be taking this step of publicly declaring God’s amazing grace in their lives. Phil and Alice, reflecting on the weekend said, “It was wonderful to see three generations of one family able to celebrate their new-found faith together”.

The baptisms took place in the Cairn garden, in a paddling pool bought a few years previously for baptising another new, local Christian. He didn’t know about the baptisms, but happened to come along to the Festival and shared in a truly amazing day of celebrations.

Please continue to pray for The Cairn community, especially for those recently baptised and those considering following Jesus through the waters of baptism in the autumn.

If you’d like to find out more about The Cairn you can read this Home Mission Update by Alisdair Longwill and check out The Cairn’s website.