Pastoral Vacancy

A time to re-imagine?

Most Churches regard a Pastoral Vacancy as the time of transition from one overall Pastoral Leader of a church to another.

This is true.

However, if this becomes the sole transition we shall all miss what can be, a wonderful opportunity.This period of ‘vacancy’ provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back and explore together whatever we believe God is up to and how, as a whole fellowship, we might engage with that even more fully. There may be a more substantial transition we might need to grasp. There may be something deeper which needs to take place.

This booklet, ‘Transitions’, written by Nigel Coles, explores these possibilities and also provides lots of practical advice for churches seeking a new minister, including:

  • Appointing a moderator
  • Considering a review process
  • Composing a church profile
  • Designating a selection group
  • The settlement process

Transitions will be available soon – please contact the webnet to order a copy