I’m delighted Pastor Candy Choy has been appointed as our Webnet Hong Kong Minister.

The first wave of people from Hong Kong migrating to the UK took place during the pandemic and we are looking forward to another influx across our Webnet region during this year.

Early in the pandemic I was alerted to Candy’s desire to move to the UK by a Canadian Baptist, and from our very first Zoom conversation I was struck by her passion to see Christians grow deeper in discipleship, as well as introducing new people to Jesus. We are privileged to have her join us, as we look towards making the gospel accessible to all. 

Inevitably Bristol as our largest city will see the largest number – estimated to be between 5000 and 6000 this year, of whom between 1200-1500 may well be evangelical Christians already. We already have a few groups of HKers connecting and joining some of our churches. Candy is helping connect HKers with our existing churches, as well as helping network across the various groups and families to provide appropriate support.

We are also in good relationship and connection with the Bristol Chinese Christian Church, so we hope to help integrate Hong Kongers with either existing white British churches, or ethnic Chinese Cantonese speaking churches, according to need.

Please pray for Candy and her family and do make contact with her, especially if you are establishing connection with people from Hong Kong in your church, or community. 

In the meantime you can find out more about how to welcome people from Hong Kong here where you’ll find a video to share with your church too.

Nigel Coles