From 10th April to 15th May 2016, WEBA along with other Baptist Associations will spend 40 days proactively SHOWING and TELLING the Good News of Jesus.   As Christians we are ambassadors of Jesus, sent out to share his great message of grace and mercy.  During these 40 days we particularly want to encourage each other to SHOW and TELL this message in ways that are best suited to each of our geographical and relational contexts.  Let’s encourage each other to step out of our comfort zones and explore ways of being good news in our communities and networks.  And let’s pray for and motivate each other to discern and create ways and opportunities to tell our neighbours the wonderful message of Jesus.

Now is the time to start thinking and praying about how your church might best use this opportunity. Your leadership team and church could prayerfully reflect on the question “What are the seen and unseen needs in my community, and what might good news look like to my ‘neighbours’?” You might want to think about several small events, or maybe one or two larger events involving partners in your community.

The WEBA team are getting involved by offering to resource churches in three different ways:


We’re going to put together a booklet or document which will bring together 40 ideas for showing and telling the good news.  Alisdair Longwill explains:

The apostle Paul refers to the Philippian Christians as his ‘partners in spreading the good news about Christ’. We want to share in that same sense of partnership as we prepare for 40 Days of Good News and invite you to let us know of any helpful and relevant ways of SHOWING or TELLING the good news of Jesus. It might be something you’ve done in your church – or something you’re planning on doing this year. We’d be grateful if you’d take a few minutes to reflect on this and then send your ideas, and identifying your church, to Ruth Whiter ( ) at the WEBA office. This will help us to produce the resource booklet/document of 40 ideas for 40 Days of Good News that we will later send to our churches.

If you’d like one of the WEBA team to visit your church for a service or special evangelistic event during this period, please get in touch with us now and we’ll try to arrange that.


We’re also planning to provide a series of very short animated videos to use in your church during the 40 days of good news period. These will challenge the congregation to try one simple challenge each week.


There will be more information about 40 days of good news over the next couple of months, but please get in touch with the office or Regional Ministers if you’d like to discuss anything or share your ideas.