Ideas and Inspiration during the Pandemic

As the Coronavirus continues to have an impact on our ministries, we want to help churches and individuals navigate these uncertain times as well as possible. It’s not just about managing or coping, but about finding a way to thrive as we ‘gather’ as congregations and teams, as God’s people scattered in our communities and as individuals devoted to a loving God.

We’ll be updating this page regularly to help inspire and encourage all of us in the season ahead. To do that well and meaningfully we’d love to hear from you any stories or ideas of what you’re doing to bring and experience hope as you are gathered, scattered and devoted.

For our practical advice please head over to Coronavirus: Advice and Information for Churches.


To help keep the most vulnerable people in our communities safe, we’ve stopped gathering in the ways we’re used to for a while and we’re finding other ways to stay connected with one another.

This affects one to one pastoral and mentoring support, leadership meetings, members meetings, home groups, prayer triplets and of course our gathered worship. The mission of God continues, and we’re all looking to new ways to do these things.

Here are a few ideas we’ve gathered so far:

Using Technology to Stay Connected as a Church Community
Less-tech Ways of Staying Connected as a Church Community


The needs in our communities over the coming months continue to be significant. Quarantining, self-isolation and illness means people need help to get basic supplies.

Add to this the financial implications of staying at home to help keep others keep safe or to look after children now home from school and nursery, and the needs quickly escalate. It’s a time for the church to work with those in the community who are looking to bring solutions to those most in need.

Here are a few ideas we’ve gathered so far:

Bringing Help and Hope to our Communities


In times of uncertainty it’s vital for our spiritual wellbeing that we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the one who sees the beginning from the end and to whom nothing is uncertain. It’s a good time to rest under the shadow of his wing, to be nourished by God’s word there, and to grow in our understanding of who Jesus is and the hope to which he is calling us when we step out from under that mighty wing.

For some of us these are busy times, and these moments will be fleeting, for others, the days stretch out before us. All of us will need God’s constant assurance to help us along.

Here are a few ideas we’ve gathered so far:

Resources for You