Invest is a one year part time training initiative run by WEBNET and local Churches. The goal? For existing leaders to grow through tailored training, mentoring and support without having to leave their regular lives and jobs to go to Bible college full time.  It is an opportunity for individuals to invest some of their time in their personal, spiritual and leadership development, and for their local Church to be that training ground.

How does Invest work?

To achieve our Invest year we have set times throughout the program for all the Investers to meet together for training and teaching. The year kick’s off with a weekend in January at Ammerdown centre in Somerset. Then there’s 4 quarterly hubs throughout the year, and a final Ammerdown weekend at the end of the year. Each delegate has their own reading programme and mentor they  discuss their progress and reflections with to keep them accountable and focussed on where they want to grow.

Invest is a great way to develop by introducing new disciplines, begin to listen to God more and have more intentional conversations with those they are alongside in day to day life. Each Investor is setup with £1000 from their Church to use for whatever they need in their pathway throughout the year. This means that they can get resources for what they need or sign up for courses to aid them grow in the ways they want to. This makes the programme very accessible for Churches and delegates alike.

Over the past three years we have had nearly thirty people on the Invest programme and many have gone on to grow in their confidence and ministry. Some have gone on to lead Churches, some have applied for courses that they were wanting to grow in and others have served in their Church in the same way but with more focus and confidence.


Does Invest sound like something for you or for someone in your church?

You can’t put yourself forward for Invest as we want to encourage Church leaders to identify leaders that they want to see grow. So, if you’ve identified someone in your Church who you think would benefit from going on the Invest year, or you’d like to talk it through with someone, please get in touch with Dave Kingswood. Delegates would be committing to the equivalent of a day a week and each person gets their own personalised plan. This plan is then used in conjunction with a mentor and training throughout the year to help them grow and commit them to all that God wants to do in their lives.

Some of the training we cover is:

  • Core discipleship issues
  • Godly habitudes
  • Missional life skills
  • Developing your Godly character
  • Handling Conflict
  • Public speaking
  • Understanding family systems
  • Missional living
  • Developing as a mentor to others
  • Living with struggles and victories
  • Missional leadership
  • Missional communities
  • Personal and theological reflection techniques.
  • Managing change
  • Five fold ministry investigation

What if I am in other employment?

If you are in employment that will need to be convinced that this is a good thing we will give you a hand with that. Of course we cannot make any guarantees that your employer will go for it but we will help you promote a case that explains why Invest is a good idea.