WEB Payroll

We have provided payroll services through the West of England Payroll Company since 2002. Around 300 churches and other organisations, such as church preschools, take advantage of this service which frees church treasurers to concentrate on their other responsibilities. 

The company collects money from churches via direct debit, and then processes the payroll, sends out payslips, and pays the employee, the Inland Revenue, and pension providers. The company submits year end returns and prepares the payroll accounts for the church or organisation. 

WEB payroll will calculate the net salary to be paid, supply payslips and provide a note of the amounts to be paid to HMRC but it will be the church’s responsibility to make the actual payments.

Our payroll manager is Andrea Laity. She can be contacted on 07572 284991.

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The latest payroll newsletter can be downloaded here