Looking for a minister

A time to re-imagine?

Most Churches regard a Pastoral Vacancy as the time of transition from one overall Pastoral Leader of a church to another.

This is true.

However, if this becomes the sole transition we shall all miss what can be, a wonderful opportunity. This period of ‘vacancy’ provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back and explore together whatever we believe God is up to and how, as a whole fellowship, we might engage with that even more fully. There may be a more substantial transition we might need to grasp. There may be something deeper which needs to take place.

There are two tools to help. CHURCHES IN TRANSITION – walking together through pastoral vacancy, which will help you explore transitioning and is a practical guide in seeking a new minister and includes:


  • Interim Ministry
  • Covenant
  • Search Team

DISCERNING & SHARING ‘WHERE YOU’RE AT’                        

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Church Profile
  • Completing the PVL and Covenant Agreement


  • Ministers in Settlement
  • Ministerial Profiles
  • The Discernment Process

ISSUING A CALL TO A MINISTER                                                    

  • Practical Matters
  • Induction Service
  • The Discernment Process

‘CHURCHES IN TRANSITION’ summary booklet – an overview and check list; a handy guide for the journey.

Please speak to a Regional Minister for more information or contact webnet to order a copy.