Going Together

By Lindsay Caplen

Those who God has called and equipped to do things a bit differently have often felt misunderstood, lonely and unsupported. Many are venturing into uncomfortable places and it is not surprising that without companions for the journey, burn out rates can be high. We are not meant to venture alone.  This is where my role as part of the webnet team comes in.

1:1’s, mentoring and learning in community

One of the joys of my role is meeting with and getting to know those engaged or considering being engaged in pioneering, planting the Gospel or planting churches. For some I have a mentoring role. For others, a supervisory role and for the remainder it is simply to be a companion on their journey, drink a cuppa/share a bite to eat every now and again, be a prayer partner and a fellow learner. It’s certainly been strange during Covid-19!

Slipstream-following in the slipstream of the Spirit:

Slipstream is a network predominantly of new pioneers and church planters. The aim is to promote Rest, Refreshing, Renewal and Revival and to cultivate a space where the things God is stirring amongst us can be incubated and catalysed.

After a period of listening and reflection, we held our first session, a retreat, during lockdown!  Subsequent sessions have seen us reflect on Scripture, on context and prayer, sharing ideas and giving space for people to test them out. We have also had times of input where we learn, reflect, share vulnerably and honestly and are inspired as we grow together. As we ease out of lockdown, we also have socials planned (the next one is a BBQ at the beach) and site visits!

Slipstream started primarily (though by accident, not exclusively) with people relatively new to this calling and not substantially connected with other networks. As we grow in confidence and identity our intention is to gradually open this up more widely.

In 2021 a few people from our Slipstream network took part in a seminar at the Baptist Assembly.

They were asked to consider the following questions:

  1. What have you sensed the Spirit saying to you/your community of Christ/Church at this time?  What is he calling you to take up?  What is he calling you to let go of?
  2. How is your answer to question 1 shaping how you/your church/Christ centred community live? 

Hear how God is at work in a range of contexts, partnering with his people to reflect the Christian hope ‘as it is in heaven, so on earth’: