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Please note that the deadline for the Fit 4 Mission Survey has now been extended until Friday 14th August.

Thank you for reading this. It’s about mission.

Alisdair Longwill has recommended that all WEBA churches take part in this national survey to gauge how fit for mission our churches are. There isn’t long until the deadline, so please make this a priority if you can!

A physiotherapist, whilst stretching my spine on some electronic torture machine told me that I needed to get fit to play sport, not play sport to get fit. As Baptists we are a missional movement – but can we get fitter for the task?
Every year we collect the annual returns but have realised this doesn’t give us the answers to some important questions about our fitness for mission.

This Fit 4 Mission survey:


looks deeper and we have to ask for your help so we can try and have information we can analyse and thus help the Association and the local church to be fitter for the very reason we exist – the mission of Christ. I apologise for asking you to help with this so soon after you have done the annual returns – please forgive me. Let me assure you that the analysis of this will determine the structure of future annual returns.

This survey should take you about twenty minutes to fill in, and we would like you to do so by the Friday 14th August. We will then be able to spend the summer analysing the results.
Please do take the time – much of it is wanting very quick estimated answers –  to fill in the survey for the sake of all of us. This is being sent to ministers and Church Secretaries, but only one response is needed from each church so you can confer!
Results and key findings will be sent to all participating churches, with useable materials.

Posted by Ruth Whiter