It is unusual to attend an event where the feedback you hear from everyone is universally positive but this was certainly the case at the recent Engage Worship event hosted by Webnet at Hanham Baptist Church, Bristol.  

The day was led by Sara and Sam Hargreaves, Engage Worship,  who quickly put everyone at ease and inspired us with their tangible passion for sharing the gospel.  Their teaching is relevant, practical and firmly rooted in God’s word and we were blessed by their ministry. 

We worshipped God through music, prayer and dwelling in his word whilst also learning many ways in which we can make worship inclusive, relevant and impactful for all. We were encouraged to recognise that worship increases both our heart and head knowledge of the love of God for all he has created and how to share this with others, to think of ourselves less as “Sunday worshippers” and more as whole life disciples for Jesus.  We reflected upon the importance of acknowledging that, “The God we are worshipping cares deeply about life outside of our buildings.” We were encouraged to recognise the value of the worship gift that each of us can bring, be that music, hospitality, creativity, time to listen…the possibilities are infinite!   

Learning to be a disciple of Jesus is a continuum and we need to be refreshed, inspired and encouraged to enable us to keep growing and to keep in step with God’s kingdom purpose.  If you are yet to explore what Engage Worship has to offer then their user friendly and informative website is well worth a visit and is full of resources (many of which are free); if you have the opportunity to attend an Engage Worship workshop I am sure that all who attended the day in Bristol would highly recommend it. 

This event was put on as part of Equipping Missional Disciples – a suite of accessible training to help equip church leaders and emerging leaders to live and lead as disciples of Christ in their every-day. It is a partnership between Bristol Baptist College and Webnet.

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