ChangeMakersMedia have created a video resource for churches and community groups to use to discuss how we as churches could/should be responding to the Cost of Living Crisis. 

By asking the question: ‘Can the church really make a difference in the cost of living crisis?’.

You’ll hear from individuals, organisations and groups across the country who are supporting those experiencing the challenges of the cost of living crisis as well as those living with it.

The films include stories sharing the difficult reality of life in the UK. It will challenge you to listen to the Spirit on how the Church can respond to the things we hear and see in not only these videos but in our day to day lives. 

There is also additional material which provides a deeper dive into the questions asked by those featured in the films as well as further questions to be discussed either individuals or as groups but are there to challenge our way of thinking. 

This is a four part series and additional discussion group material is provided: this is a free resource head to our website to find out more.

You can watch a trailer online now by clicking here