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Time to get Image Conscious

In a recent social media post from Baptists Together, we were helpfully reminded of the importance of ensuring that we’re not in breach of licensing agreements when it comes to using images. If you didn’t see it you can read it here, as well as find helpful websites for free good quality images: “At the […]


As some parts of the community are enjoying a little more exercise and social contact (albeit at a 2-metre distance), there are many for whom nothing has changed, and for whom nothing will change, possibly for several months to come. Those who are staying home because of underlying health conditions or because they are over 70 […]

Data Protection and our churches

Many of you will be aware that new Data Protection Regulations, GDPR, are coming into force in May 2018. This will have profound implications for the way many charities work, especially those who have large mailing lists for fundraising purposes. Churches will need to work out what they need to change as a result of […]