Home Mission

Home Mission: Working Together

We in WEBA increasingly value the benefits that come from working in partnership.  So too do our friends at Melksham Baptist Church, one of our churches who currently receive a Home Mission grant.  As well as partnering with us, they are currently partnering with Corsham Baptist Church, several organisations and groups in Melksham, and are […]

Home Mission Update: The Cairn

One of the challenges currently faced by churches where the congregation has reduced to a very small number of people is knowing how best to face the future.  Some churches in these circumstances have handed the ‘running’ of the church over to a steering group, in order to leave a legacy that will last into […]

Enabling and Resourcing Grants

When the apostle Paul writes in his letter to the church at Philippi, he thanks God for their partnership in the gospel.  Partnership in the gospel is very much how we view the mission and ministries that Home Mission encourages and enables . In other words the purpose of Home Mission grants is to encourage […]

Home Mission Update: Facing Outward at Chew Magna

Chew Magna Baptist Church (CMBC) is one of our churches which currently receives a Home Mission Grant.  CMBC was also one of the first churches to engage with Re-imagine, WEBA’s missional learning community, and it has been interesting to see the church community transitioning and becoming more outward-facing during recent years. This is currently expressed […]

Thank you for your support for Home Mission

What we know today as Home Mission, began in 1912 as The (Baptist) Sustentation Fund.  This was established to help supplement the stipends of poor ministers and to pay for ten general superintendents.  Over the years this fund has changed in name and in some respects in its sense of purpose, and today quite deliberately […]

Connecting and Thriving in Bussage

WEBA Regional Minister, Alisdair Longwill, is seconded one day each week to focus on engaging in God’s mission in his local community, Bussage, on the outskirts of Stroud.  Along with a small core group he tries to encourage and equip a group of Christian neighbours to show and share God’s grace and truth more effectively […]

Home Mission Update: St Mark’s Baptist Church

One of the WEBA churches that Home Mission currently supports is St Mark’s Baptist Church which is situated in Easton, an inner city area and one of Bristol’s more deprived parts.  St Mark’s Rd, where the church is situated is a highly ethnic and eclectic community containing a variety of ethnic shops and  restaurants and […]

Home Mission Update: Ambassadors are go!

Are you looking for visiting speakers for your church? Would you like more focus on mission in your services? Do you remember when your church had a ‘Home Mission Sunday’ every year? WEBA now has a growing team of Home Mission Ambassadors, equipped to visit your church and speak, preach, or even lead a whole […]