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Introducing INVEST

Over the last year a number of church leaders across our network have been meeting to pray and discuss the need to develop new leaders in our churches. A few churches within our Baptist network already run an internship programme. Bristol Baptist College have developed a Wednesday Discipleship formation stream; Seventy-two co-ordinates Forge Training in […]

Bristol City of Hope Report

On 5th May 2018, over 200 leaders from different sectors across Bristol came together at City Hall to focus on some of the social challenges that Bristol faces. This event, organised by Christian Action Bristol and Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, was a unique opportunity to hear about some of the great work being done […]

Don’t miss Bridge Builders

The WEBA Regional Team have secured a unique opportunity for our pastoral leaders* to sample the Bridge Builders training on Wednesday 4th July. This will be a one day workshop on ‘Handling Conflict Constructively’. Here’s what Alisdair Longwill says about his own experience of Bridge Builders: “I’ve been to countless conferences and events in the […]


Firestarters are conversations involving nine fast growing Baptist churches, with each event offering 24 hours to ‘learn, expect and act’. Firestarters are not conferences with a perceived expert keynoting, as useful as that is. Nor are they retreats with guided self-reflection, as vital as that is. They are conversations hosted by some of these churches experiencing this surprising growth. Two […]

Creation care – let’s listen and share

by Ruth Whiter On Saturday 16th June I will be at Southdown Methodist Centre in Bath at the ‘How Green is Your Church?’ conference. I hope I’ll see plenty of friends from our Baptist network there. I know Kevin Durrant, minister of Keynsham Baptist Church, and his wife Ros will be there, because Kevin is […]

Guidelines for storing safeguarding documents

We hope that most of our churches are beginning to feel confident about what they have done, or still need to do, to ensure compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). One particular issue churches have asked us about is the retention of safeguarding records, and Baptists Together have now issued specific guidance […]

Thy Kingdom Come – our first Network Gathering

On Sunday evening, around 100 people from churches in the North of our region were using their imaginations to pray for their local communities. They were encouraged to imagine leaving their own house, walk down their own street and into town, picturing the people they might pass and looking into their eyes, praying for each […]

Make sure you keep up with Seventy-two

We describe Seventy-two as a catalyst for mission through Baptist networks. Through Seventy-two, we aim to help people find their way in the mission of God. One way this happens is through the website, As Seventy-two has grown, more people have begun writing ‘guest blogs’, and grown a mailing list of people receive a […]

Thy Kingdom Come – join the Wave

In 2018, we’ve used Thy Kingdom Come as a call to prayer for the entire year, with a timetable of network gatherings and cluster events focussed on prayer. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have used this title to encourage all Christians to pray in the days leading up to Pentecost each year, and this […]