40 days of good news

50 days of good news week 7

We’re now coming to the end of this year’s 50 days of good news. In the run up to Easter, we encouraged churches to plan a short course for those interested in exploring faith. For week 7, we’re going to set that challenge again, so that those friends and neighbours who are curious as a […]

50 days of good news week 6

During week 6 of our 50 days of good news, we will join the global wave of prayer inspired by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. Thy Kingdom Come has inspired people from many different denominations and in different parts of the world, creating the possibility that millions of individuals and communities will be setting aside […]

50 days of good news week 2

Between Easter and Pentecost we’re encouraging one another to find new ways to show and tell the good news of Jesus. Here’s the second of our weekly animated challenges, designed to share with your church on Sunday 23rd April, or any time via social media. During week 1 we were challenged to simply invite a […]

50 days of good news week 1

This year we will be publishing 7 animated challenges to help your church show and tell the good news of Jesus between Easter and Pentecost. All the challenges are designed to be reassuringly un-challenging and enjoyable! Invite your friends to do stuff, pray for opportunities, and let God do the rest. (If you used the […]

40 days of good news – day 15

From Tom Wharin, Wotton-under-Edge Baptist Church We run 9 x Year 7 RE lessons on ‘Who Is Jesus?’ The school had seemed closed to church involvement for a number of years before my arrival here.  God opened the door in the following way: 1.       We prayed about it a lot at our regular prayer meetings in […]

40 days of good news – day 14

From Owen Green and Lorna Warrington, The Stowe  TeaTime with God: Alternating each week between children from KS1 and KS2, they are invited to tea to talk about God, to eat and to pray. What it is: Each Thursday of the school term at 4p.m. children from either KS1 (5-7yrs old) or KS2 (8-11) gather […]

40 days of good news – day 13

Evangelism Resources shared by the Associations:  Books & other resources • More ready than you realise – Brian McLaren – endorsing spiritual friendship, though some question his theology. Provocative and challenging! If you want to see a critical review: http://www.challies.com/book-reviews/book-review-more-ready-than-you-realize • The natural evangelism course – J John http://www.canonjjohn.com/store/product/84/the-natural-evangelism-course • Evangelists conference audios – includes […]